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Where to find us

BASLEARN is located at TU Berlin Campus in Charlottenburg.

We are currently at two distinct locations:

MAR Building


At the Marchstrasse 23, 4th Floor,  you will find the Machine Learning group of Scientific Director Prof. Klaus Robert Müller. Here is located BASLEARN Secretary and where Prof. Müller and many BASLEARN researchers have their offices.  
Closest S-Bahn Station: Tiergarten
Closest Bus Station: Marchbrücke
Closest U-Bahn Station: Ernst-Reuter Platz

BasCat Building


At the Hardenbergstrasse 36, you will find the BasCat offices and laboratories. BasCat is the first joint lab collaboration of BASF with TU-Berlin, Unisyscat and Fritz Haber Institut. Here is located the office of BASLEARN Scientific Director Bruno Betoni Parodi and additional office space for future BASLEARN researchers.
BasCat is only 10 min walk away from MAR Building
Closest S-Bahn Station: Zoologische Garten
Closest Bus Station: Steinplatz
Closest U-Bahn Station: Ernst-Reuter Platz



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